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Friday, December 9, 2011

NO!R { Ceremony of Innocence

3 distinctive artists under the umbrella "Ceremony of Innocence". Inspired by Yeats'  "The second coming"  NO!R believes that The Second Coming will not appear as a beast, but is in fact the ever present shadow of fear that prevails in our world and blinds us, turning most of us from the light.

Christopher Hassett: I’ve had no formal training, though when it comes to the artistic expression of self I tend to mistrust that kind of training anyhow. Not that I don’t see its merits; it’s just that I’m also very aware of the risk of some greater loss in going down that path, of precious individuality or the organic growth of a truly authentic voice.  Besides, I’ve been steeped in the academic world for decades, both as a professor and as a student.  At the time when I began painting I was finishing up a degree at UCLA and wanted nothing to do with another teacher.  Further instruction felt like the willful ingestion of poison.  Instead, I simply stumbled headlong into the process: I painted and painted over paintings and threw away paintings and continued painting.
From the beginning I was only interested in the body.  I wanted to master it in its many forms, but I did so by largely fetishizing its various limbs, obsessively working on hands and faces and eyeballs and skin.  That sense of obsession, perhaps even digression or dysfunction, I think is still present in my work, if not its defining character–a kind of severe formality I sense only now is beginning to slip.

Rachel Wilkie, Sarah Dueth

Sarah Dueth
Sarah Dueth grew up in North Carolina.
She graduated from Boston University (SFA) in 1997 with special distinction, a Dean’s Scholarship, and a full summer residency at Yale University’s School of Music and Art in Norfolk, CT.
She was awarded a Mortimer-Hayes Brandeis traveling fellowship in 1997 to study Aboriginal art for a year in Australia. Upon return, she moved to Brooklyn and began to build a new body of work, while working in NYC for Christopher Spitzmiller, and Stephen Weiss.
In 2002, Sarah became a mother, and shortly after, moved to Warsaw, Poland for 2 years with her husband. Upon returning to the states in 2007 she began the voluminous “Girl” Series. She has exhibited in Boston, NYC, and New Jersey. Sarah has donated her work to raise money for foundations such as the Lance Armstrong Foundation. To see more work visit Sarah lives and works in the suburbs of Manhattan.

Jason Greendyk, Sarah Dueth, Christopher Hassett

Rachel Wilkie, Adair Lentini

Christopher Hassett

Justin Pettress
Justin Pettress 

Thomas J.Buchmueller

Christopher Hassett, Sarah Dueth